The Bronze Koi Award

Presented each year to one outstanding member of the Pacific Northwest Koi Clubs Association, The Bronze Koi Award is the highest honor our association can bestow. To earn this award, the honoree must have made a long-term and exceptional commitment to the Koi hobby.


To be considered for the Bronze Koi Award, a candidate must be a member of a PNKCA Koi club and involved in Koi keeping in the Pacific Northwest for at least ten years, must be a Koi hobbyist and, during that time,and must not be involved in the selling of Koi, Goldfish or related products. The candidate must have demonstrated a long, outstanding commitment and dedication to the Koi hobby.


For consideration this year, nominations must be received by May 15, 2020

Photo Courtesy of Nancy Moore

Bronze Koi Award Committee

Committee Chairman                        Committee Co-Chairperson

Larry Christensen (NW Club)             Lindsay Gibson

16952 NW Bernietta Ct.

Portland, Oregon 97229-7947

(503) 531-3303 

Past Recipients of The Bronze Koi Award

The past recipents of the prestigious Bronze Koi Award are showcased below.  Click on the picture to read each winners biography if available.


Randy Brock

Oregon Watergarden and Koi Society


Sue Boydstun

Idaho Watergarden and Koi Club


Leo March

Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club


Ron Boedeker


Lucy McNeil

Washington Koi Society


Virginia Hokkanen

Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club


Elsie Richardson

Oregon Watergarden and Koi Society


Steve Kaufman

Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club


Sally Karo

Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club



Sot Chimonas

Idaho Watergarden and Koi Society


Nancy Moore

Washington Koi Society


Patti MacGee

Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club



Phyllis Anderson

Inland Empire Watergarden and Koi Society



Normal Call

Oregon Watergarden and Koi Society



Peter Enfeld

Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club



Jerry Tyler

Puget Sound Koi Club

2003    Rich Street                         Washington Koi

2001    Linda Montgomery         NWKGC

1999    Kathy Ferris                       Cascade Koi Club

1997    Pat Christensen                 NWKGC

1995    George Sakai                      Cascade Koi Club

1993    Roger Olstad                      Washington Koi 

1991    Larry Christensen            NWKGC

1989   Jerry Harants                    Cascade Koi 

1987    Henry Haraguchi            Puget Sound Koi Club

1985    Ed Fujimoto                       Puget Sound Koi Club

2002    Clark Shea                    Canada Koi Club

2000    Cindie Riley                 Washington Koi

1998    Dick Benbow                 Puget Sound Koi

1996    Lindsay Gibson            Dai-ichi Koi Club

1994    Rick Chaffee                  Olympic Koi Club

1992    Paul Wiezer                   Puget Sound Koi

1990    Phil Miezel                     Klahanie  Koi Club

1988    Tom Beck                        Cascade Koi Club

1986    Ann Harantz                 NWKGC

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