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2022 Bronze Koi Award Winner
Steve Brown

Siskiyou Koi and Pond Club


Steve has been a long-time member of the Siskiyou Koi & Pond Club (10+ years).  In that time, he has served as Vice President and then has been acting President for many years now after the President either passed away or resigned (I am can’t remember which). 

Steve regularly gives talks at the meetings to assist members with issues with their ponds.  Providing technical support for filtration, plumbing and care.  He routinely offers to assist with any needs members have.  He is always offering to rescue fish and find them a new home and often goes out and catches them with help only from his wife and finds suitable accommodations for them. 

He has built up quite the equipment loaner pile from gathering unwanted items such as pumps, bubblers, nets, pond vacuums, misc. fittings, etc. from people who were closing out their ponds or donating items to the club and he keeps track of all this equipment and loans it out as needed to members.  He will actively ask people who are closing down their ponds if they want to donate equipment to the club. 

He helps out with every club function, tirelessly brings the club banner to meetings and puts it out front so other members can know they have arrived at the proper meeting location.  He is there for the club rain or shine and because the club has not elected formal officers for many years now, he and his wife ensure the club continues on regardless. 
He is always ready with a helping hand to anyone who needs it and I feel is the epitome of a Bronze Koi Award recipient if there ever was one. 

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