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PNKCA Awards

Each Year, the PNKCA gives awards to club members recognizing their contributions to the hobby and to their respective clubs.  Please click on the links below to be taken to each award page to learn more about those that dedicated their time and energy to the PNKCA and their clubs.


Ed Fujimoto Award


Bronze Koi Award


Koi of the Year Award

The Ed Fujimoto award is given to one person from each PNKCA club “in appreciation for outstanding dedication and performance to his/her club.”  It is given to someone who has gone beyond just being a member and has done something special for their club. Only one member (or couple from the same household) may be submitted from each club. Nominees are voted on by club members and submitted on the form at the bottom of this page.  This award is not available to clubs that are not current members of the PNKCA.

The Bronze Koi Award is presented each year to one outstanding member of the Pacific Northwest Koi Clubs Association. The Bronze Koi Award is the highest honor our association can bestow. To earn this award, the honoree must have made a long-term and exceptional commitment to the Koi hobby.

The Koi of the Year award is open to all member clubs and is award each year at the PNKCA Convention.  Each entry is a koi determined by the member club to be their best of the best, not necessarily the same koi winning in a koi show – not necessarily even a koi that was entered in a koi show.  From the clubs' entries, a Koi of the Year is chosen by those attending the convention.

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