Koi of the Year Award


2019 Koi of the Year

Larry & Pat Christensen

Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club

The 2020 Koi of the Year Award was not presented due to the cancelation of the 2020 PNKCA Convention 

The Koi ot the Year Award was created in 2004 and is open to all member clubs.  Each member club selects a koi that represents their "Best of the Best",  The chosen koi may even be a koi that has never been entered in koi show!

Pictures of all the member clubs Koi of the Years selections are entered into the final competition, held each year at the PNKCA Convention.  Entries are anonymous and are voted on by the attendees of the Convention.  The PNKCA Koi of the Year Winner is then announced at the Banquet on Saturday night.

The requirements for entry into this annual competition are the koi must be living, a current photograph, and a completed application form submitted by an appropriate club representative.

Applications are Due by April 30th, 2020


2018 Koi of the Year

Dick Frencher

Idaho Water Garden and Koi Society


2017 Koi of the Year

James Nguyen

Washington Koi & Water Garden Society – 


2016 Koi of the Year

Ted Baughman and Jennifer Treiberg

Washington Koi & Watergarden Society


2015 Koi of the Year

Jim & Claudia Nice

Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club


2014 Koi of the Year

Bill Tullis

Washington Koi & Watergarden Society


2013 Koi of the Year

Larry & Pat Christensen

NW Koi & Goldfish Club


2012 Koi of the Year

Vik Nair

Washington Koi & Watergarden Society


2011 Koi of the Year

Neil & Susan Olsher

Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club


2010 Koi of the Year


2009 Koi of the Year

Jeff & Penny-Wyse Thomas

Cascade Koi & Goldfish Club


2008 Koi of the Year

Dan & Sharon Olson

North Idaho Koi Keepers


2007 Koi of the Year

Don & Joan King

Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club


2006 Koi of the Year

Linda Montgomery

Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club


2005 Koi of the Year

Gene & Phyllis Anderson

Washington Koi & Water Garden Society