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About the PNKCA

The Pacific Northwest Koi Clubs Association (PNKCA) is a regional association of Koi clubs located in Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Alberta, and British Columbia.

The Association’s purpose is to promote all aspects of the hobby of Koi keeping but especially those that are pertinent to the Northwest.

Activities of the Association include:

  • An annual convention. Each year a different club in a different city is host of the  convention. This is a great time to meet with other Koi keepers from throughout the Pacific Northwest and from throughout the world. Our programs on various aspects of Koi keeping include some of the finest experts from the Pacific Northwest and from throughout the country. The convention includes a trade show, excellent banquet, an auction and a tour of some of the hosting club’s finest ponds.

  • A webpage emphasizing all that is happening with Koi keeping in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Coordination and promotion of various Koi shows and other club events throughout the Pacific Northwest.

  • Promotion of the Koi hobby by providing various grants to our member-clubs.

  • Awards to members for their outstanding dedication to their clubs and to the Koi keeping hobby.


The PNKCA encourages dissemination of Koi keeping information and the personal interactions and relationships among all koi hobbyists in the Pacific Northwest.

We invite you to join one of our member-clubs, attend a Koi show, a club event, and to attend our annual convention.

Our Leadership Team

Jennifer Treiberg.jpeg
Larry photo for PNKCA website IMG_4964.J

Jennifer Treiberg

Larry Christensen

Lori Whitley.jpg

Lori Whitley

Pat Christensen


Member of WK&WGS

Member of NWKGC

Vice Chairperson


Member of theNWKGC

Bronze Koi Recipient



Member of NWKGC

Member/Treasurer of OK&WS

Member of SK&PC



Member of NWKGC

Bronze Koi award Recipient

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