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2006 Bronze Koi Award Winner

Norman Call

Oregon Koi and Watergarden Society


Previous Bronze Koi Award winners Jerry Tyler, Larry Christensen, Lindsay Gibson, Clark Shea, Pat Christensn and Linda Montgomery with Norman Call.

This year at the 2006 PNKCA Convention, a very deserving Norman Call was awarded the Bronze Koi Award. This was no surprise to many of us as Norman gives so much to this wonderful hobby and is extremely generous with his time not just to his own club, but to many koi clubs nationally. This is a hard article to write, Norman has done so much for this hobby, it will be impossible for me not to miss several important accomplishments or attributes he has made, but I will do my best.

Norman has been involved in koi keeping for many years, I have no idea how many but at least 23 years, (probably more). He moved from San Francisco, California to Roseburg, Oregon in 1995 but even before that he was a member of the Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club (since 1993). He founded the Oregon Koi & Watergarden Society in 1998 and served as newsletter editor for 7 years. He also has served as the Show Chairman for the Oregon Koi & Watergarden Society Koi Show for 6 years. For many years Norman helped to judge many koi shows in the area and then in 2001 he became an official Certified AKCA Judge. In that same year he enrolled in the first KHA (Koi Health Advisors) class and became a Certified KHA in 2002. He served as Vice-Chairman of PNKCA in 1998. He also has served as both AKCA and PNKCA Representatives in past years. He has been selected by his club to receive the Ed Fujimoto Award for 4 years (1999, 2000, 2005 and 2006). He has received the AKCA Koi Person of the Year for two years (1999 & 2005). I am sure that Norman has the honor to have received those two awards more than anyone else in the hobby ever has

Phyllis is a founding member of the North Idaho Koi Keepers (NIKK) club and has created and maintains their web site. Phyllis was instrumental in compiling all necessary information for applications to AKCA and PNKCA acceptance. She has conducted workshops for members and provides ongoing KHA assistance to both IEWG&KS as well as NIKK members and to Kootenai and Spokane county koi hobby residents.

Phyllis has been actively involved with the PNKCA for close to six years. She served on the PNKCA hosting Spokane convention committee (IEWG&KS). She assisted the PNKCA newsletter editor and then acted as the web site mistress providing information to the newly created web site and web site master and then eventually taking over the web site to save the association expensive web site programming and still holds the position. Phyllis also took over the secretarial duties of the association when Kathy Roberson stepped down during the John Seifert chairmanship and then continued in that position on the executive board during the time when Jerry Tyler was chairman for two years. During this past fall and this year Phyllis has stepped in to assist the present secretary with her duties and responsibilities to assist the present Chairman, Linda Montgomery.  Phyllis has assisted with the Ed Fujimoto award program by interacting between the clubs and Norm Call who produces the awards so that Norm isn’t involved in bird dogging the clubs for their nominations. Phyllis has been instrumental in creating and supplying the Super Raffle poster for the last six years and the last five years the super raffle tickets.

Phyllis has also participated showing koi in most of the northwest koi shows and also the Greater Phoenix Open Koi Show. She has accomplished winning from Baby Champion to Grand Champion Awards with her koi. She has made several trips to Japan to visit various breeders and attend breeder master classes. She has been on koi buying trips to Japan and attended mud pond harvests. Phyllis has also attended breeder mud pond harvests here in the United States also.

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