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Important Notice
Puget Sound Young Koi Show Canceled for 2023

To the members of the PSKC and PNKCA member clubs:


I would like to thank everyone for the support they have shown to the PSKC and our efforts to bring a young koi show back to the Pacific Northwest.  It has been many years since our last koi show in 2018.  The PSKC and its members have tried very hard this year but with the show dates only a few weeks away, we still have some details that are not set.  As President, I feel it is our responsibility to provide a good quality experience for the show participants and the general public.  Just going through the motions of having a show to say we did is not a reason to hold one.  To this end, the 2023 PSKC's koi show is being canceled.  


Again, I wish to thank everyone for the support they have given to myself and the PSKC.


Monte McQuade

President PSKC

The 2023 PNKCA Convention in Newport Oregon
May 12-14, 2023

Our Awards and Grants

Each year, The PNKCA gives awards and monetary grants to club members to assist them in promoting the koi keeping hobby.  Click on the links below to read more:

Bronze Koi Award 

Ed Fujimoto Award


Koi of the Year Award


PNKCA Promotional Grants

PNKCA Scholarship Program

Dates to Remember

July 22nd, 2023       Puget Sound Young Koi Show

Hoshi Koi

Tacoma, WA

August 5-6, 2023     40th Annual ZNA NW Koi Show

Swan Island Dahlias

Canby Oregon

August 26, 2023      Koi Educational Event

Gresham Main City Park

Gresham Oregon


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