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The PNKCA Is Coming to Newport Oregon!


Hosted by the Bronze Koi Award Winners, the 2023 PNKCA will take place on May 12-14 2023. 

You don't want to miss out on the opportunity to spend the weekend with Koi enthusiasts from far and side as well as you enjoy the beauty of the Oregon Coast.

Click the Link Below to Learn more about Newport and the Oregon Coast!


The 2022 PNKCA Convention in Boise Idaho

2022 PNKCA Super Raffle Poster-FINAL.jpg

2022 Super Raffle Winners

There were 3,310 tickets sold for this event, which is the MOST ever in the history of the PNKCA Super Raffle!

  • 1st  Draw – Sot Chimonas – Matsue Kohaku, Jumbo Tosai donated by Pan Intercorp (Item #1)

  • 2nd Draw – Sarah Cox – Sakura Automatic Solar Powered Koi Feeder donated by Cascade Pond Supply (Item #2)

  • 3rd Draw – Monte McQuade – Doitsu Kujaku; Breeder Koda Koi Farm donated by All Japan Koi (Item #3)

  • 4th Draw – Nancy Moore – Certificate for two to the 2023 PNKCA Convention (“Koi at the Coast”) in Newport, OR donated by PNKCA (Item #6)

  • 5th Draw – Bill Layman – 33# Bag of Shori Medium Floating Pellets donated by JPD Japan; Supplied by Pan InterCorp (Item #5)

  • 6th Draw – NW Koi & Goldfish Club – 44# Bag of Shori Medium Sinking Pellets donated by JPD Japan; Supplied by Pan InterCorp (Item #4)

Our Awards and Grants

Each year, The PNKCA gives awards and monetary grants to club members to assist them in promoting the koi keeping hobby.  Click on the links below to read more:

Bronze Koi Award 

Ed Fujimoto Award


Koi of the Year Award


PNKCA Promotional Grants

PNKCA Scholarship Program

Dates to Remember

Spring 2023-Spring PNKCA Reps Meeting

May 12-14th, 2023-"Koi at the Coast"  38th Annual PNKCA Convention, Newport Oregon

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