2021 PNKCA Koi Shows

The Idaho Koi and Watergarden Society (IKWGS) will be hosting their 27th Annual Koi Show on August 28th, 2021.  This is an in-person event that will gather koi keepers from far and wide to share their love of the hobby, their camaraderie, as they compete for the coveted Supreme Grand Champion Award.  More information about the  IKWGS can be found HERE or by contacting the show chair via EMAIL. 

The Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club (NWKGC) will be conducting their second Online Koi Show during the month of July.  This is a members only event with the winners being entered into the national ZNA competition.  More information can be found on the NWKGC Website HERE.

Check back for updates on the 2022 PNKCA Koi schedule

The 2021 PNKCA Super Raffle Winners!
On June 26th, 2021 Koi Enthusiasts from throughout the Pacific Northwest gathered via Zoom to hold the 2021 PNKCA Super Raffle Drawing! 

2021 PNKCA Super Raffle Poster-FINAL-Com

PNKCA Club Sales Prizes!

1st Place

$100 goes to Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club (1,145 tickets)

2nd Place

$ 75 goes to Oregon Koi & Watergarden Club (810 tickets)

3rd Place


$ 25 goes to Washington Koi & Water Garden Society (690 tickets)

​The 2021 PNKCA Super Raffle Winners!

  • 1st  Draw – Jeff Vidal NWKGC

    • Jeff chose the RDF Filter donated by Cascade Pond Supply (Item #1)

  • 2nd Draw – Leo Marsh  NWKGC

    • Leo chose the Torazo Kohaku entry into 2021 grow-out donated by All Japan Koi (Item#)

  • 3rd Draw – Don & Joan King NWKGC

    • Don and Joan chose the Torazo Kohaku donated by PS Koi (Item #2)

  • 4th Draw – Ted Baughman WK&WGS

    • Ted chose the Beppu Showa donated by Pan Intercorp (Item #4)

  • 5th Draw – Leo Marsh NWKGC 

    • Leo chose the Certificate For Two to the 2022 PNKCA Convention in Boise Idaho donated by the PNKCA (Item #6)

  • 6th Draw – Ted Baughman WK&WGS

    • Ted chose the Karashigoi; Konishi Bloodline Koi donated by Full Circle Nishikigoi (Item #3)


Items donated by Cascade Pond Supply:

  • 7th Draw – Brian Rasmussen OK&WGS

    • Approx. 4” Japanese hand-painted replica koi (Kohaku)

  • 8th  Draw – Jacquie Barone NWKGC

    • Approx. 4” Japanese hand-painted replica koi (Utsuri)

  • 9th Draw -  Charles Midgley NWKGC

    • Approx. 4” Japanese hand-painted replica koi (Sanke)

To Be taken to the 2021 PNkCA Convention page

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Our Awards and Grants

Each year, The PNKCA gives awards and monetary grants to club members to assist them in promoting the koi keeping hobby.  Click on the links below to read more:

Bronze Koi Award 

Ed Fujimoto Award


Koi of the Year Award


PNKCA Promotional Grants

PNKCA Scholarship Program

In Memoriam

Sue Boydstun.jpg

Sue Boydstun

1947 -2020

President of the PNKCA and member of the IWG&KS, Sue Boydstun passed away on March 1rst, 2020.  Her love of the hobby and wicked sense of humor will be missed beyond measure.


Please visit here to view her remembrance page..