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2022 PNKCA Convention In Boise Idaho

After 2 years of postponements, the PNKCA Convention returned for 2022!  Held in Boise, Idaho on June 3-5, 2022, it was hosted by The Idaho Watergarden and Koi Society

PNKCA 2022 Poster final.jpg
2022 PNKCA Super Raffle Poster-FINAL.jpg

2022 Super Raffle Winners

There were 3,310 tickets sold for this event, which is the MOST ever in the history of the PNKCA Super Raffle!

  • 1st  Draw – Sot Chimonas – Matsue Kohaku, Jumbo Tosai donated by Pan Intercorp (Item #1)

  • 2nd Draw – Sarah Cox – Sakura Automatic Solar Powered Koi Feeder donated by Cascade Pond Supply (Item #2)

  • 3rd Draw – Monte McQuade – Doitsu Kujaku; Breeder Koda Koi Farm donated by All Japan Koi (Item #3)

  • 4th Draw – Nancy Moore – Certificate for two to the 2023 PNKCA Convention (“Koi at the Coast”) in Newport, OR donated by PNKCA (Item #6)

  • 5th Draw – Bill Layman – 33# Bag of Shori Medium Floating Pellets donated by JPD Japan; Supplied by Pan InterCorp (Item #5)

  • 6th Draw – NW Koi & Goldfish Club – 44# Bag of Shori Medium Sinking Pellets donated by JPD Japan; Supplied by Pan InterCorp (Item #4)

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