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2020 PNKCA Convention

2020 PNKCA Super Raffle Poster FINAL Vir

The 2020 PNKCA Super Raffle Drawing was held on July 11th via Zoom.  Board members Larry and Pat Christensen conducted the drawing to a captive audience.  The winners were....

Jay Avery--Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club

Jay won the beautiful Sanke donated by Pan Intercorp.  Congratulations Jay!

The Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club

The NWKGC won both the outstanding Shiro Utsuri donated by All Japan Koi as well as the Gift Certificate to the 2021 PNKCA Convention donated by the PNKCA!

Bill and Mary Harper-Oregon Koi & Watergarden Society

Bill and Mary won the beautiful koi ring donated by Leo Marsh and Virginia Hokkanen.  Congratulations Bill and Mary!

A total of 1735 tickets were sold this year, with the NWKGC selling the most tickets and earning the $100 prize from the PNKCA.  

Thanks to all the clubs and individuals that purchased Super Raffle tickets this year.  It was a huge challenge due to the pandemic, but once again our members stepped and showed their support for the PNKCA!

With the Health and Well Being of our members foremost in our minds, The PNKCA Board has made the difficult decison to cancel The 2020 PNKCA Convention scheduled for June 26-28.

Please reference the letter belowl from Jennifer Treiberg, PNKCA President 



I regret to inform you that the PNKCA convention, planned for June 26-28 in Newport, Oregon, has been cancelled.  This was not an easy decision for the Board to make, as the PNKCA relies on this event for its annual income and many of us rely on this event for our annual social outing.  But we rely on our members and community most of all, and don't want to risk anyone's safety. 


There is good news: Tim Miller-Morgan has indicated that he and his group are interested in holding the convention in Newport in 2022, as are our organizers.  We are excited to get another chance, and in the meantime are greatly looking forward to attending the 2021 convention in Boise.


The PNKCA Super Raffle WILL happen on June 27th.  Please stay tuned for an email from Pat on how this will work (I heard a rumor that she may be willing to fill out raffle tickets for anyone that sends her money?  Seems too good to be true...).


REPS: you are not off the hook.  We are considering a virtual meeting for June 27th, so don't go planning something big that day.  Details will follow as we work them out.


Stay healthy and keep in touch,


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