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2019 PNKCA Grants Reports

This year Children’s Day at the Japanese Garden was on Sunday May 5th and we could not have asked for a more beautiful day to enjoy the children, the gardens and the koi!  The club members had lots of fun helping the children fold koi origami and feed the beautiful koi gracefully swimming in the main pond.  Joel Rutledge, who for many years has helped with this event, was fantastic at teaching the children how to fold the origami koi.  He had a couple of new assistants this year, Virginia Hokkanen and Leora Gregory, who were so wonderful to help him out at the very last minute, which helped to make the day so enjoyable for the children.    Robert Wilson and Jay Avery had lots of questions to answer from the inquisitive little minds and lots of little hands to fill with koi food. This is the only day of the year that the children can feed the koi and they so enjoy and look forward to it!  The club also had lots of informative pamphlets on the koi that were specially written for the children that they handed out to further educate these future little koi keepers!

Everyone who attended really enjoyed the event and I so appreciate and want to thank the club members that helped and called to ask if we had enough help for the day.   I would like to thank Joel Rutledge and Robert Wilson, who have been helping me for many years with Children’s Day, and Jay and Leora Avery and Virginia Hokkanen, who were lifesavers and dropped everything at the last minute to help to make the event a success!

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