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2016 PNKCA Convention

June 24-26 2016

Boise Idaho 

Hosted by Idaho Watergarden and Koi Society


​The 2016 PNKCA Convention



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2016 PNKCA Convention

Written By Brady Layman

Published in the Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club Newsletter


    The convention this year was certainly a great one. People all over the Northwest came to share their love for koi. My dad and I flew in on Friday and activities got kicked off on that day. A small group of us went to do enamel art. We all had a small copper koi and we made patterns with the glass powder. You can see my Showa and my dads Shiro Utsuri. Later that day we had an informal get-together. 

    Saturday opened up at 8:45 am with the Chairs opening remarks. The first and my favorite speaker were Chai T. He did an excellent presentation of picking your tategoi. Everyone in attendance learned new ideas and concepts from his speech. The next person to speak was Bill Tullis. If you have seen his fish at our show you know they are massive. He explained how to get big koi. The third speech was on the KHV research happening at OSU. The final speech was on deadly plants. After the speeches, we had about an hour before the social started. Taiko drumming started our social hour. Everyone had a great time talking about koi. Dinner was very good also. The prime rib was  cooked wonderfully. The koi that won Koi of The Year was a Sanke from WKWGS.  After a nice dinner, the auction got started off. The PNKCA raised lots of funds for the association. We use these donations to help fund the research being done at OSU and other various activities

    Sunday was the pond tour. We visited five different ponds. Each was unique and very different from the last one. We had lunch at the Idaho Botanical gardens and looked at the new pond they are building. Many people flew out later that day so we were able to say our final goodbyes at the airport. Overall it was a great trip.

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