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2015 PNKCA Convention

June 19-21 2015

Spokane Washington

Hosted by Inland Empire Watergarden and Koi Society

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​The 2015 PNKCA Convention



2015 PNKC Convention

As Reported in the NWKGC Monthly Newsletter


On June 19th to June 21rst, 10 members of the NWKGC attended the 2015 PNKC Convention in Spokane, WA. 

The convention started on Friday with a Wet Lab put on by Koi Organization International.   Bill and Brady Layman attended and spent the day with instructors Syd Mitchell, Spike Cover, Karen Pattist, and Ken Howard.  They gave detailed lessons in water quality, scraping and scoping, anesthesia, and the overall care of our wet pets and their environment.  It was an excellent lab and lots of great information was passed on and is now ready to share with all the club members.

On Saturday, the convention was held with vendor booths, excellent presentations, as well as a raffle and the Super Raffle.  This year both the Super Raffle fish were won by members of the club!!!    The PNKCA board meeting was also held where the upcoming years officer elections were held.  This coming years PNKCA officers are

              Chairperson----------Chris Charbonneau

              Vice Chairperson----Sue Boydstun

              Secretary------------- Diana Lynn Rehm

              Treasure-------------- Pat Christensen

A special thanks to Larry Christensen, who has stepped down from the board this year, for all his years of service to the PNKCA.            

The banquet was on Saturday night, with food and drink aplenty, as well as a lively raffle.  Our own Jim and Claudia Nice won the Koi of the Year award for 2015 for their outstanding Heisei Nishiki that our club voted to nominate early in the year.  It’s a beautiful koi and was appreciated by koi enthusiasts from all over the Pacific Northwest.  Bill Layman was also presented with a certificate recognizing his completion of the Koi International Organizations Certified Koi Keepers course.


On Sunday, a pond tour was held that visited many beautiful ponds, including Dan and Sharon Olson’s 35,000gal pond with a spectacular view of the Spokane Valley.

Overall, the convention was a huge success and a great deal of fun.  The Inland Empire Watergarden and Koi Society did a outstanding job.  A special thanks goes out to Diane Lynn Rehm and all the members for their hard work and dedication to the hobby.

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