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2009 Ed Fujimoto Award Winners


Canada Koi Club – Dave Smith

Long-time member in the Club and has generously opened garden many times for tours; Dave has worked hard for the Club and contributed artistic ability to the Convention and more recently contributed greatly as co-chair and secretary during absence of President.


Cascade Koi & Goldfish Club – Raeleen DeGrandpre

Raeleen may, on the surface, appear to be a quiet member of our club, but this belies her unquestioned participation at club events.  Her hectic regular work schedule at tax season does not seem to deter her volunteering no matter what it is we’re doing. She has also been instrumental in our club operations by handling our Treasurer position when all others shrank away from it after that position vacated.  Thanks Raeleen for being a most reliable member and a fundamental disk in the club’s backbone!


Dai-ichi Koi & Japanese Garden Club of B. C. – Irene Dunic

Irene is the only Canadian KHA, President of Dai-ichi, enthusiastic and thorough in everything relating to the Club and koikeeping.


Idaho Water Garden & Koi Society – Randy & Rhonda Tuckness

For their many years of contributions to the Koi hobby. Randy and Rhonda have assisted in putting together our first ever Koi Show in 1994 and have been helping with most all shows ever since.


Inland Empire Water Garden & Koi Society – Don Morgan

Don is always at our meetings and is our librarian. He brings boxes of heavy books so we can learn about koi! He is always willing to help.


Mid-Columbia Koi & Pond Club – Gloria Boedeker

Gloria’s dedication as a board member and volunteer to numerous club events over the past several years has helped the club become as successful as it is.


North Idaho Koi Keepers – Judy Linnebach

Judy has served as our club’s Treasurer since NIKK was formed. She never hesitates to volunteer for whatever job needs to be done. When the club decided to host the 2008 PNKCA Convention, Judy handled the complex financial job of Treasurer and then went above and beyond by taking charge of registrations, preparing presentations and supporting the team putting the convention together in any way she possibly could. This recognition is long overdue and is well deserved by this dedicated koi lover. Judy demonstrates all the qualities for which this award was designed – volunteering to support this wonderful hobby and promote the principles of PNKCA through her continued dedication.


Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club – Mike Rice

For all the work he has done for our Club. Mike became a KHA and did the job of water quality at our Koi show for many years.  Mike served as President for a term and Vice President for many years, and also other jobs on our board. He and his wife Margaret usually host our Club Picnic, doing all the barbecuing and organizing the Club activities there.  He also was in charge of the vendors at our show for many years.  Mike has been a guest speaker at our club meetings several times and he also has given talks at other water garden facilities in our area.


Olympic Koi, Goldfish, and Water Garden Club – David & Melinda Smieja

Dave and Melinda are an important part of our club. They are always available to help with club activities, provide a helpful hand, or information when asked.  Mel has been our PNKCA rep. up until this last year.  She puts out our newsletter that we all look forward to getting at the end of every month.  Dave has been our Vice president and submits his “Dave’s Ponderings” to Melinda’s newsletter.


Oregon Koi & Watergarden Society – Dave & Robin Lugar

We are very pleased to have the Ed Fujimoto award presented to Dave and Robin Lugar, for all they have done for the Oregon Koi & Watergarden Society.  They have both been dedicated to the koi hobby for many years and are more involved with each year that passes.  They are always willing to lend a helpful hand and are present for the many functions the club is involved in.


Dave is currently the Vice President of the OK&WS.  He is a very talented person who makes koi nets, concrete benches and stepping stones, and enjoys working with bonsai trees. He is constantly finding ways to increase his knowledge of the koi hobby, and is always willing to share the information with others.  Dave always has a smile on his face and a positive attitude.


Robin is currently the Secretary of the OK&WS.  She has taken on many tasks for the club without hesitation. She is so creative and is always willing to share her talent to benefit the club.  She has been the driving force behind our club Christmas parties for the last few years.  Robin never has to be asked twice to lend a hand and her hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed.


Dave and Robin are also the PNKCA OK&WS representatives.  I cannot think of more appropriate people to have representing our club.  Dave and Robin are such great people, and the club would not be the same without them.  Their dedication and commitment to the club, and koi hobby, is appreciated.  Thank you both for all your hard work!


Puget Sound Koi Club – Joe Lewis

Joe Lewis has been an active member since 1994.  He has served as vice-president in the 1990’s and as PNKCA rep since 2004.  He has been instrumental in making our annual koi shows successful by his help in setting up tanks and in taking everything down and cleaning up the site.  Joe also has raised lots of revenue for the koi club and PNKCA by his persuasive selling of raffle tickets at the show awards banquet.    Joe hosts a club meeting each year and is a vital member of our club.  Also his enthusiasm inspires others in our club to do more!!


Siskiyou Koi & Pond Club – Ron & Linda Johnson

Ron and Linda Johnson are very involved with our club.  They are always willing to help wherever they are needed on any project the club is involved in.  They worked hard at the annual Spring Fair and the Free for the Public Barbeque where Ron was a cook.  Ron is the Vice-President and maintains the e-mail data base for electronic communication with club members.  He organizes the printing and sale of club shirts and assists with the budget.  Linda diligently ensures that our publicity is covered.  She is a master at scheduling anything we need scheduled.  Both Ron and Linda are quick to help with the potlucks.  They open their home to meetings for the club and the board.  Ron has even written an article for the newsletter about his pond rescue experience.  We cannot imagine our club without the cheerful helpfulness of Ron and Linda Johnson.


Washington Koi & Water Garden – Nancy Moore


Nancy Moore has been a Koi keeper for over 18 years.  As a long time member of Washington Koi and Water Garden Society she has served as Membership Chair, Program Chair, Editor, and President twice, Show Co-Chair and Show Chair and is currently our newsletter editor.  She is one of the Co-chairmen for the 2009 PNKCA convention. 


Nancy is our clubs only traveling KHA.  She willingly donates a large amount of time, effort, energy, and personal finances in this endeavor.  She is always willing to help any club member, and non club member, with their pond problems.  She is an active member of the club, a frequent speaker at our monthly meetings, and one of the driving forces behind our club. 


For these reasons and more the members of WK&WGS have selected her to be this year’s recipient of the Ed Fujimoto award.

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