2021 PNKCA Convention

2021 PNKCA Super Raffle Poster-FINAL-Com

Although the 2021 PNKCA Convention has been postponed until 2022, we are excited to announce the 2021 Super Raffle!


With 6 great items donated by our supporters and tickets still only $1.00 (purchased in blocks of 10), this is an excellent opportunity to support the PNKCA while having the chance to be a big winner!.  You can purchase your tickets by clicking the link below!

To View the 2021 PNKCA Super Raffle Guidelines, CLICK HERE!

A Letter from PNKCA President Jennifer Trieberg



I feel like I wrote this same email just a few months ago, and it is no more pleasant the second time around.


The 2021 PNKCA Convention, which was to be held in Boise this June, has been canceled.  The organizers and the PNKCA Board unanimously decided that we don't want to put anyone's life or health at risk.  


While I'd like to find words to articulate this seemingly unending roller-coaster ride of frustration, uncertainty and grief that we are all feeling, I can't really convey anything that you haven't seen or read a million times already.  You follow the news and your state's health info, and can add just as well as I can.  You know the caseloads in your communities, see the hospitals at capacity, and watch long-beloved businesses board their windows.  This is a difficult time for many.


The Boise organizers plan to host the convention in 2022, so we have something to look forward to.  I personally look forward to seeing familiar faces, enjoying tall tales regaled over drinks, and learning something useful in the seminars.  And finding treasures at the auction, and maybe dining on local Basque food.  Let's continue to look ahead.  Let's do our best to be kind, stay healthy, and get vaccinated as soon as we are able to.  This pandemic WILL end.   


In other news: 

  • There will be a Super Raffle this year, with date and details TBD (Yay!!!).  Stay tuned.

  • The Spring Representatives Meeting will be held virtually at 11:00 am on Saturday, March 13th.  

best wishes,