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PNKCA Spring Representatives Meeting

March 12, 2005


Location;       La Quinta Inn & Sites, Tacoma, Washington


Attendees:  Jerry Tyler – PSKC, PNKCA Chairman; JoAnn Tyler – PSKC; Gene Anderson – IEWG&KS; Harland & LaDelle Borcherding – MCKC; Raeleen DeGrandpre – NWK&GF, Treasurer PNKCA; Linda Montgomery – NWK&GF, PNKCA Co-Chairman; Rick & Judy Ramento – PWKC; Larry & Marlene Smith – YVKGC; John & Wally Hathaway – PWKC; Elsie Browning – OKWS; Jerry Hames – OKWS; Randy Brock – OKWS; Bill White – IKWGS; Greg & Judy Linnebach – IEWG&KS; Sally Karo – Cascade Koi Club; Virginia Hokkanen – Cascade Koi Club; Clark Shea – Canada; Alberto Agostini – Canada; Lee & Barb Sundgren – Washington Koi Club; Dan & Sharon Olson – IEWG&KS; Sharmaine Haderly – NWK&GF; Lindsay Gibson – Dai-Ichi; Pat Christensen – NWK&GF; Joe Lewis – PSKC; John Ennals – Dai-Ichi; Larry Christensen – NWK&GF


Absent; Phyllis Anderson – IEWG&KS, PNKCA Secretary, Diana & Leon Lopez – Klahanie Koi Club; Ed Fujimoto – Olympic Koi Club; Chris Jansen – Klahanie Koi Club


  • Meeting was opened by Jerry Tyler, PNKCA Chairman. Chairman introduced the executive board, Jerry Tyler, Chairman, Raeleen DeGrandpre, Treasurer, Linda Montgomery, Co-Chairman, Gene Anderson, sitting in for Phyllis Anderson, Secretary


  • Minutes of 2004 Convention Rep. Meeting.  Chairman requested Gene Anderson to read the PNKCA 2004 Convention Rep. Meeting Minutes of June 12, 2004 as Phyllis Anderson was absent from the meeting do to minor eye surgery.  Minutes were read as printed. No changes or corrections were noted. Motion made to accept minutes, motion seconded and approved by attendees.


  • Treasurer Report. Chairman requested Raeleen DeGrandpre to read the treasurer report, January through December 2004. Report was read.  Motion to accept report by Judy Ramento and seconded by Larry Smith. Chairman requested a show of hands for approval, report approved with one hand opposed.


  • Convention 2004 wrap-up.  2004 convention treas. report still has some expense questions and a question about an amount of $500.  Rep. from Idaho Koi Society Bill White, indicated that there is still dialogue continuing among leadership and that the convention treas. has experienced some health issues, personally or family associated. He said that he would like to recommend to any club doing the convention that the Convention Chair and people organizing the convention communicate well with their other club members. It is difficult if only one or two people know what is going on, that makes it hard for other members to help.

Jerry Tyler, Chairman, said that he was not going to put the convention 2004 wrap-up to vote yet until at the June Convention.  Linda Montgomery explained that even though the Idaho Club did not meet the 3 month deadline that is requested in the by-laws in order to receive the 25% profit, the PNKCA Executive Board is making an exception this year. The Convention Treasurer had health problems and there were some problems with receiving money from a vendor not to mention that it was also the first convention after the new by-law change so the Executive Board agreed to an extension. Linda gave a copy of the new by-law change to both Virginia Hokkanen and Sally Karo (the 2005 Convention Chairs) so that there would be no confusion as to when the Convention Report and monies are due this year in order to receive the 25% profit.



  • Representative’s manual update.  Linda Montgomery, Co-Chairman, addressed the various updates that were contained in the blue folder.  The officer listings of the PNKCA and those of the clubs.  Linda pointed out that the listings are only current and good as the information provided to the executive and the secretary.  It is the responsibility of the representatives to keep the secretary informed of additions, deletions and changes, Phyllis is not a mind reader! Linda explained the information included in the folder to all the representatives.


  • Illnesses mentioned.  Chairman Jerry Tyler mentioned that he was just recently made aware of an illness that Chris Jansen of the Klahanie Club has and that she will be undergoing surgery for lung cancer. The board wishes her well and will send a get-well card.  Leon Lopez of the Klahanie Club is recovering from knee surgery which prevented both he and his wife, Diana from attending. Board will send a get-well card.  Virginia Hokkanen became ill at the rep meeting and required transport to one of the local hospitals and was later released that evening. Board will send get-well card to Virginia.


  • Club Representatives reports. 
    • Jerry Hames, Olympic Club reported that they have 24 – 26 paid members and are now meeting at the Road House, Port Orchard They started the new season with a meeting this month, Koi Appreciation Day.  They will have a pond tour in the month of August.
    • Larry Christensen, NWK&GF reported that their koi show at the end of July will be a big event as it is the 25th annual koi show for the club. All the judges this year will be U.S. Judges. Linda interjected that the club has had great response from the Children’s Day at the annual Japanese Gardens Festival in May and that they look forward to again this year. Larry spoke about the children involvement and that more of our functions should involve children as that is where the next generation of koi hobbyist will come from.
    • Bill White, Idaho Koi Club reported that they will be hosting two pond tours, the Ada Canyon and Canyon County pond tours. Also will be having their annual koi show, the second weekend of August and that it has been moved up one week so not to interfere with other established koi shows.
    • Judy and Rick Ramento, Pacific Wonderland introduced Wally and John Hathaway, and were proud to tell us that John Hathaway had been selected for the AKCA Regional Director for KHV fund raising.  Judy expressed that the club meetings are being held at members homes which has been great as members can see different ponds construction, filtration, pumps, koi, etc. thus providing an opportunity to learn different techniques. In April the club will be visiting the Hatfield Science Center. Judy reviewed each month’s meetings of last year and a couple of the highlights were the Japanese Festival and the October trip to the Spring Brook Nursery. December, the club had their Christmas party.  Pacific Wonderland was granted a $150.00 PNKCA grant in 2004 and the club voted to donate this money to the AKCA KHV fund. $650 total has been raised by the 30 club members towards the KHV fund raising efforts.
    • Harland Borcherding of the Mid Columbia Koi Club advised that they have 80 paid members and that they will be having their third annual koi show at the fairgrounds during the Garden Expo. The club will be having a pond tour early part of September. Ron Boedeker –KHA, has been holding classes from water quality to koi health.
    • Larry Smith of the Yakima Koi Club advised those in attendance that the club was a young club, about three years old and has about 46 paid members (23 couples). They also had a big Christmas party. They meet on the 1st Thursday of each month and their motto is “Education/Fun.” Larry thanked the PNKCA for last years $150 grant.  Larry advised that he and his wife would be moving back to the Puget Sound area. Marlene Smith talked after Larry about the various club activities and functions.
    • Joe Lewis of the Puget Sound Koi Club spoke about this years Koi show to be held the first part of August. Club is having monthly meetings. They have a new newsletter editor. Joe spoke of the Japanese Culture Festival.
    • John Ennals of the Dai-Ichi club advised that the members live to meet, eat and talk about koi. John expressed their appreciation in receiving the $150 U.S. Funds PNKCA Grant. That $150 U.S. dollars goes a lot further than that of $150 Canadian funds. John expressed that there had been some positive interest and results from their efforts to promote the club in July by setting up a display at a local garden center. They had printed brochures, business cards with just the club name and etc, on it, and the Internet. They have received good feedback. The Dai-Ichi club will be co-hosting a pond tour with the Nanaimo club this year. Lindsay Gibson will obtain date of pond tour and get back to the board.  They have about 30 paid members and got six new members from the display at the garden center.
    • Clark Shea of the Canada Koi Club advised that they had a terrific Christmas Party and had visited the Vancouver Aquarium and taken a tour behind the scenes which was very interesting and informative. The meetings are leaning towards education rather than social. Clark announced that John McPhearson had pasted away.
    • Lee and Barb Sundgren of the Washington Koi Club advised that they are 160 paid members strong. Lee explained monthly club meeting and that they had a raffle with 50% of it donated to the KHV Program. July, they will have their annual pond tour for club members. Last years Koi show was a huge success and this years show will be the first part of Sept. October they are having another wet lab conducted by Dr. Tim Miller-Morgan for club members and limited to space availability. If it is not filled with club members, other club members may participate.
    • Randy Brock of the Oregon Koi Society advised that last year they started a chapter club at Klamath Falls that now has 20 members. February the club participated in the Home Show. Tonight the club is having a meeting and presentation by Arthur Hixson of Sunset Koi.  There will also be an seminar that Pacific Koi will be presenting at Collinsville.  June 11th and 12th the Oregon Koi Club will have their Koi Show.
    • Elsie Browning of the Oregon Koi Club advised that she is the Co-Chair of the koi show and that it will be their 5th annual koi show and that all PNKCA associated club members are welcome.
    • Greg Linnebach of the Inland Empire Water Garden and Koi Society advised that they have a new newsletter editor . Last year Dan Olson and Gene Anderson conducted classes making educational opportunities available to members.  In addition to the workshops there was a pond tour, koi show and the club participated at the Spokane Garden Expo.  This years Garden Expo will be the weekend of May 14th, Pond Tour, July 24th, Koi Show August 28th.  We getting the community involved.  The University High School debate team is helping us with the Koi Show and the Spokane Boys and Girls Exchange Club is printing, folding and mailing the newsletter.  The club is involved with the rehabilitation of the Japanese Garden Koi Pond at Manito Park.  April 22nd through the 24th are the scheduled workdays for this project.  The club has applied for a PNKCA grant this year that will be used towards this project if the club is chosen to receive one this year.  Looking at a Koi auction of surplus fish in the Japanese Garden Koi Pond to be applied towards the cleanup and ongoing care of the project.
    • Sally Karo representing the Cascade Koi Club, advised that the club has not had a meeting since November. They had a booth at the Garden & Patio show and they drew many visitors. Sally also discussed the PNKCA Convention as this club is hosting it and referred to the convention folder that contained flyers and other pertinent information. Sally explained about the speakers, pond tour and other events. Sally advised that the wet lab is separate from the convention and this year it is represented by Dr. Erik Johnson DVM and Vickie Burnley Vaughn and assisted by Dr. Tim Miller-Morgan DVM.  Hotel rates are $89.00 per night and the third night is free.


  • Bronze Koi Award – Larry Christensen; Larry advised that nominees need to be submitted by March 31st, 2005 and that there has only been two names submitted for this years candidate.  Larry reviewed the requirements necessary for an individual to be nominated.  A nominated person must be with an affiliated PNKCA club for at least ten years and that an individual/s are responsible for nominating a person, not the club.


  • ZNA – Larry Christensen; the ZNA publication is offered to any affiliated PNKCA club of the northwest. The publication carries many articles that are related to koi, pond construction, koi health, water quality and etc.  Last year the publication was offered at $65.00 with the Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club picking up the additional $25.00 as the publication is about $85.00 annually.  This year the subscription will carry the price of $85.00, which will provide you a one-year membership with the NWK&GC and the publication.


  • Ed Fujimoto Award – Jerry Tyler; Jerry stressed that the nominations must be received no later than March 31, 2005 to allow time for Norman Call to make in time for the Convention. There is a lot of work required to make them up, framing, printing, matting and etc. and it is not fair or right to extend the date out closer to the convention date.  Jerry brought up the topic that the Idaho Koi Club wanted to award it to a couple.  Presently the existing nomination format says “the Ed Fujimoto award is given to one person from each club”. Jerry said to the reps. that this is a decision that needs to be addressed by the reps. themselves as to whether they wanted to change the wording to accommodate a couple. Sally Karo advised that the AKCA Koi Person of the Year Award allows a couple. PNKCA representatives discussed alternatives and agreed that the should read “The Ed Fujimoto Award is given to one person or a “couple from the same household” (one award per club) from each club”.  Larry Smith made the motion to make the change, and Sally Karo seconded the motion. Jerry put the motion to vote and the attending representatives approved the motion.


  • PNKCA Promotional Grants – 2004 – Jerry Tyler; Jerry advised that all 2004 grants had been paid.  Those clubs receiving the 2004 grant were Dai-ichi koi and Japanese Garden Club of BC, Inland Empire Water Garden & Koi Society, Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club, Pacific Wonderland Koi Club, Washington Koi and Watergarden Society, Yakima Valley Koi and Water Garden Club.
  • PNKCA Promotional Grants – 2005 – Jerry Tyler; Jerry advised that eight clubs have applied for this years grants and that the grants will be awarded on the basis that those clubs who have applied and received numerous grants will be compared against those who haven’t.  Since there are only six promotional grants issued (max. $900.00 total) each year, it is only fair to those clubs who apply and haven’t rec’d grants as many times as some of the others that have.  The executive board will review the past grants issued to clubs (copy of clubs receiving past grants are in the blue folder provided to the reps.) and make a decision, as there are eight clubs who have submitted requests already.


  • PNKCA Convention – Jerry Tyler acknowledged the work and efforts put forth by the Cascade Koi Club and the work that Sally Karo and Virginia Hokkanen have put into getting the Convention word out.  Jerry appreciated Sally and Virginia working with Phyllis Anderson, web master, getting the information on the web site.  Jerry reminded the clubs that at least two raffle items from each PNKCA affiliated club is needed for the convention raffle.  Clubs can donate more than two and individuals are encouraged to donate raffle items as well.


    • Web Site – Jerry Tyler reviewed the web site cost comparison sheet that was included in the reps blue folder that was prepared by Raeleen DeGrandpre and Linda Montgomery dated 3/10/05 and pointed out the dollars that would be conserved with the new web site that Phyllis Anderson has constructed.  Jerry asked the reps if they had visited the new site and if they thought it was easier to use! Larry Christensen responded that it was easier to find specific categories and Judy Ramento pointed out that the site was much more user friendly.  Judy expressed concern about possible hacking as the previous site was somehow knocked down and questioned if any “fire walls” or other protection was given consideration for this new site.  Jerry asked Gene Anderson if he could or would respond and share any other information pertaining to the new web site. Gene advised that while the new web site is only protected with a password to make changes, fire walls and other protection devices are constantly compromised by new viruses and the ability of hackers breaking security levels without going through the “front door” of a site, but finding a way through a “back door”. One of the most important and primary functions a web site master or any computer user should do, is make sure that there is a current back-up tape/disc/or CD of the site or computer.  The previous web site web master had not done this and all of the last three years of information was totally lost and this had to be recreated by Phyllis.  Gene advised that Phyllis is very sensitive and dedicated about doing back-ups on systems as she has had too many experiences where computers and systems have either crashed or been compromised by viruses and individuals with too much time on their hands destroying someone else’s work. Gene also stressed that the web site belongs to the reps and in order for it to be useful and informative, it is the reps and clubs responsibility to keep information coming in to Phyllis so that she can keep the site current. The site can be very helpful to non-club members seeking a club to join, can be very informational with educational articles and activities of the PNKCA and affiliated clubs. Gene requested news articles from the clubs. The representatives and executive board gave Phyllis a big thank you for her efforts and time spent!
    • By-Law ChangeArticle IX – Awards and Monetary Grants
    • Section 2 – Monetary Grants for Promotion of the Hobby of Koi Keeping.

The reps blue packet contained a ballot for voting on the proposed by-law change from “Application for grants in the coming year should be made to the PNKCA Treasurer prior to the November Executive Meeting and changed to read prior to the Spring Representative Meeting. All representatives present voted via secret ballot and returned the ballots to the Treasurer, Raeleen DeGrandpre. Ballots were counted, 32 voting yes to change the by-law.  More than 2/3 of the member clubs and representatives were present that voted in favor of the change.


    • KHV Donation, AKCA Project – John Hathaway of the Pacific Wonderland Koi Club who has been designated as the AKCA Regional Director for KHV fund raising addressed the representatives. John is looking for leads for donations to the project and would also like a booth at the PNKCA Convention to solicit donations and that it will be managed by KHA members. An eight-year plan is to raise $500K dollars for the scientific community which has a panel made up of three individuals.  It is hoped that enough funds will be raised within two years that the scientific community can start.  $22K as of the 11th of March of this year has already been raised. Commercial/vendor campaigning and solicitation will begin for donations. John passed around the three different types of pins that are provided to those depending on the dollar amount that they donate. John advised that if you donate, put both your name and spouse name down on the donation form to receive a pin for both individuals.  Linda Montgomery suggested that maybe a manned table at the June PNKCA Convention be another outreach for donations as well. John Ennals had questions about who was on the scientific committee and who might be doing the research and etc.  Lindsay Gibson expressed that other countries are doing research and that it was hopeful information was going to be shared to lighten the research cost burden.  John Hathaway advised that we still need to be proactive in this matter and that funds are still required even if the research is a combined effort.  John pointed out that Ray Jordan who is heading up the KHV fund campaign for AKCA has responded that the monies collected will be spent very carefully and select fully. Jerry Tyler asked the reps. what they thought would be a fair dollar amount to contribute to the KHV fund campaign.  Jerry reminded the reps in attendance that the treas. balance has slipped downward from $22k to $13K and that the conventions are not bringing in the dollars required to keep the treasury from slipping any further downward. Larry Christensen asked the executive board what dollar amount that it was considering. Jerry responded that the executive board had discussed prior to the meeting and thought that a one-time dollar donation of $500.00 could be afforded. Rick Ramento made a suggestion that he thought would create some competition among the PNKCA affiliated clubs by the PNKCA matching that of the club contributing the most dollars.  Larry Christensen suggested that this whole donation process should be taken steps and stages and see how much work and results come out of the one-time donations.  Lindsay Gibson spoke to the many questions that have and haven’t been answered here at this meeting and wait until some of them have been answered.  Elsie Browning addressed the board and reps by saying that we need to proceed.  Judy Ramento said we need to support it now. Larry Christensen said we should support it now. John Ennals said support the scientific community and give it a chance to evaluate the support and proceed with establishing a proposed program.  Larry Smith made a motion that the PNKCA will donate $500.00 to the AKCA KHV Fund. Sally Karo seconded the motion.  Motion voted on and approved by the reps with the understanding we want to see results from the project to see if we will add more later..
    • Convention Host for 2006 and 2007 – Jerry Tyler made a plea that we need to find hosts for the PNKCA convention for 2006 and 2007 as we have none at this time..  Jerry advised the reps that some clubs have hosted as many as three conventions and we can’t expect them to host another. Larry Christensen commented that with the number of PNKCA affiliated clubs, if each one would do a convention a year, it wouldn’t be their turn again for another 14 or 15years.  Jerry Tyler asked the reps to take back to the club members and we will review it again at the June convention. There is possible interest that the Mid-Columbia Koi club of the Tri-Cities host a convention.
    • Proposal to the PNKCA – Koi America West – Dan Olson of the IEWG&KS presented the proposal of a Northwest Regional Koi Show. Dan had handed out before the meeting a one-page concept of the proposal. Dan led into the proposal by saying that our hobby is koi.  The celebration is the koi show. This is a lot of work and fun. The PNKCA Convention is a lot of work and effort. Dan is proposing a fact-finding committee to be established.  Dan then went into a brief orientation as to what might be envisioned were the show would rotate each year and include clubs that don’t have Koi shows. It could even have international participation. Dan suggested that the reps take the concept back to its clubs and discuss and then we can go from there at the June rep meeting at the convention.  The Convention and koi show would coincide with hosting club koi show.  Dan suggested that a PNKCA committee be established to study the feasibility.  Larry Smith made the motion. Rick Ramento seconded the motion.  Jerry Tyler then asked for volunteers for the committee.  The following names volunteered to be on the committee. Larry Smith, Larry Christensen, Dan Olson, Greg Linnebach, Harland Borcherding, Sally Karo and Barb Sundgren.


March 2006 Spring rep meeting location – Jerry Tyler asked the attending reps if they thought we should have our 2006 spring rep meeting at this facility, La Quinta Inn & Sites.  The reps in attendance agreed. 


Jerry Tyler noted the Super Raffle items and who donated them. The Up-flow Filter donated by Sunset Koi, Momataro Sanke donated by Peaceful Ponds, and the Wave Pump donated by Blue Water Koi.  Linda Montgomery noted that the club selling the most raffle tickets will be given $100.


        Old Business

PNKCA Annual Koi Award – Jerry Tyler requested the reps to review the form that Phyllis Anderson put together for the PNKCA Koi of the Year, 2005 application form. Submit to the web master by May 15th.  Add additional verbiage under requirements. “Koi must belong to a PNKCA affiliated club hobbyist or have been a dealer out of business for at least one year.  No digital photos, must be a 35 mm photo and negative submitted.  Motion was made to amend form and to accept by Elsie Browning. Sally Karo seconded the motion.  Motion approved.

            Award to be given out at the Convention Banquet. 

PNKCA T-Shirts/Polo & Long Sleeve – Linda Montgomery mentioned that the vendor could make more of the XXL & XXXL shirts if required.  Let Linda or Phyllis know if there is a need to order more shirts. The Tote Bags, which are $10.00 are also items that the reps should make their respective club membership aware of that are available.

Executive Board Positions – An item that has been carried on the agenda for consideration as an additional position was the news editor/webmaster position. The executive committee has decided not to pursue this additional position and will leave the present board with the four positions that are as follows; Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.

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PNKCA 2005 Convention Rep Meeting

June 4, 2005



Chairman Jerry Tyler called the meeting to order and thanked the Cascade Koi & Goldfish Club for hosting the convention.


Phyllis Anderson read the minutes of the March meeting without the detailed club activity information; the Olympic Koi, Goldfish & Watergarden Club title was corrected and the minutes were approved as read. Each club representative was requested to check their club report and send corrections to the secretary.


Raeleen DeGrandpre gave the Treasurer Report.  It was approved as read.

The Canadian exchange rates used for the raffle tickets was discussed. Raeleen explained that in the future the direct US dollar amount will be reported.


The list of 2005 PNKCA Grants was corrected to:

Cascade Koi & Goldfish Club

Northwest Koi & Goldfish Club

Olympic Koi, Goldfish & Watergarden Club

Yakima Valley Koi and Water Garden Club

Washington Koi & Water Garden Society

Pacific Wonderland Koi Club


Inland Empire Koi & Water Garden Society

Oregon Koi & Watergarden Society


Jerry asked clubs to consider sponsoring future PNKCA Conventions and explained the importance of the event.  Gene Anderson proposed keeping the door open for a few weeks rather than canceling the 2006 convention at this time.  Greg Linnebach of Inland Empire suggested clubs work together.  Judy Ramento suggested a coalition of clubs host next year.  Jerry agreed to leave the door open for volunteers for 60-90 days. Gene Anderson suggested that we consider Dan Olson’s proposal for a ‘Koi America West’ show to be held in conjunction with the PNKCA convention.


Larry Christensen presented the Bronze Koi Award to Peter Enfield who was attending the convention only for a short time because of his wife's illness.


Officer Nominations were requested from the floor.  The candidate slate included:

Linda Montgomery, Chairman

Gene Anderson, Co-Chairman

Raeleen DeGrandpre, Treasurer

Anne Potter, Secretary


It was moved and seconded to elect the proposed slate of officers.  Phyllis Anderson will continue serving as Webmaster.


The PNKCA Koi of the Year Award was discussed.  Jerry Tyler showed the group the award plaque prepared for this award that had been approved at the spring rep meeting.  It was agreed and approved that digital pictures will be allowed next year since very few people provided the required 35mm pictures for this year’s competition.


Larry Christensen asked that Convention manuals be returned to the board so they can be updated. 


It was suggested that clubs that do not host a PNKCA convention would not be eligible for grants.  This was tabled for a future meeting.


Sue Boydstrum proposed that PNKCA change the by-laws to state that the hosting club receives a guaranteed minimum of $500 plus 10% of the net profits exceeding $500 for hosting the PNKCA Convention.  This was tabled for a future meeting.


Because of time constraints, it was agreed that any outstanding business would be tabled for a future meeting, including the Koi America proposal and the ‘Koi for Sale’ web page.


The meeting was adjourned.